Peridot & 9ct Ecogold Earring Commission

Peridot Glow- The August Birthstone

August has arrived! And with it comes the fab August birthstone of Peridot.  With it’s brilliant lime green glow, these iron rich gemstones were first discovered and adorned by the Ancient Egyptains 2000BC. Found on a small volcanic island off the Red Sea called Topazios, and recently, to my amazement it’s been discovered in meteorites….


Peep at Wilderness Festival – Guest Blog

Hello festival lovers, it’s Jo from Peep here! I’ve taken over Julia’s blog to take you inside the amazing Wilderness Festival, happening 3-6 August. If you like your festival with a side of sophistication then this one’s for you. Set in the beautiful Cornbury park in Oxfordshire, surrounded by ornamental freshwater lakes, ancient oak trees…

All Wrapped Up – Our Luxury Gift Box Draw!

It feels good to collaborate, share and give! And with the launch of LOTUS, my new designer trinket style collection, I wanted to celebrate and do just that with a Luxury Gift Box Giveaway! But first, a brief explanation as to how this came about… Earlier this year I discovered EthicalHour, the world’s first support…

psychedelic baglady hotpants

Summer Festival Eco Accessories!

Anyone who is familiar with our summer season here in the UK will know that the weather is highly unpredictable. If the sun pokes its cheeky little face out just for a few seconds, we are revealing our winter clad limbs and torsos to all and sundry in the hope to soak up some well…

Gold and blue Egyptian Lotus decorative motif

Flower of Power – The Egyptian Lotus

Introducing Nostalgic Treasure inspired by the Egyptian Lotus from Sun Soaked Lands… Have you been waiting for the warm balmy days of summer to return, not a cloud in the sky? I know I have! It fills me with a sense of wonder and adventure, a time to spend evenings around a camp fire, lazy…

Gold wedding bands

What’s the Golden Secret?

Just over 50 years ago, my folks met on a blind date, yes a blind date seriously, I kid you not! They fell in love like many a young couple and got hitched… This, my second blog post plays tribute to them both on their Golden Wedding Anniversary and asks, what is their golden secret…

Magpie woodcut

Saluting Mr. Magpie!

Hello and welcome to my first ever blog post, the first of many and I hope it will leave you inspired… If you’re familiar with my work you’ll know that I’ve created an entire collection celebrating an infamous creature. When I am asked ‘Why magpies?’ it brings joy to my heart. It is a very…