What’s the Golden (Wedding Anniversary) Secret?

Mr and Mrs Thompson

Just over 50 years ago, my folks met on a blind date, yes a blind date seriously, I kid you not! They fell in love like many a young couple and got hitched…

This, my second blog post plays tribute to them both on their Golden Wedding Anniversary and asks, what is their golden secret of true love and marriage that has truly stood the test of time.

Within my profession I design and make many a celebratory piece of jewellery. Commissions continuously range from a new baby spoon to a tooth fairy box, and on occasion I am rightly humbled when asked to create a Memento Mori.

However, it is the engagement ring, a pair of Fairtrade gold wedding bands or a wedding anniversary gift that frequents my workbench. Whether it is a commission piece or helping a couple to make their own personalised rings of love, it appears to me that marriage is still as popular and important today as it’s ever been, and it’s not about to go out of fashion.

Fairtrade Gold wedding bands

As someone who has NO plans whatsoever to get hitched any time soon, but obviously encounters couples to be on a regular basis in my line of work, I decided it would be fun to ask my golden anniversary parents just 5 simple questions to find out if there IS a secret formula that just may persuade me into possibly tying the knot (I don’t think so but watch this space)!

How did you both meet?

MUM: For me it was a total blind date! Your father saw me at a party but was too shy to say ‘Hi’. He sourced my number and rang twice only getting by mother (your nana) on the phone. On his third attempt your nana insisted that I spoke to him. I reluctantly agreed to meet as I was already happily going out with a student from college. He was very persuasive!

DAD:   Spotted mum at a party (Wow!) and arranged successfully later to meet on a blind date!

What’s your fondest memory of just you two?

MUM: Ooh there’s just too many to select but probably our wedding day (I was only 21), the births of all of you three girls and the surprise 60th birthday party arranged at our best friends place.

DAD: Riding around Minorca together on a Vespa in the sun, full of lobster and fizz avoiding flying beetles!

Describe each other in three words!Mr and Mrs Thompson

MUM: Caring, Loving, Tolerant

DAD: Impossible to replace

Have there been any struggles along the way and if so what?

MUM: Coping with health issues such as dad’s heart problem and subsequent operation. Financial struggles in early marriage and raising three daughters!

DAD:   Just the responsibility of providing for a happy and growing family.

In a nutshell, what’s the golden secret to 50 years of happy marriage?

MUM: A good sense of humour and shared laughter. Also for us, sharing a sense of adventure, sailing, skiing, challenging walks, travel etc. kept us on our toes! And a good social life with family and friends, recalling happy memories and holidays. You have to enjoy each other’s company and have some shared interests, but also allow for space, to also have separate hobbies and interests, that’s very important.

Tolerance and acceptance. Knowing each other’s strengths but also acknowledging our weaknesses, and being able to support one another when life gets stressful, often anticipating each other’s needs without prompting. Your Father has great consideration and manners of a gentleman!

A solid TOP TIP would have to be: Never go to bed before resolving any disagreements and always kiss goodnight Xx

DAD:   Tolerance, fidelity, support, cuddles, kindness, sense of humour, generosity, sharing and appreciating the other person’s point of view, oh and good manners!

So there we have it, some beautiful heart-warming answers. I think I may have even learned a thing or two… I can tell you now that I certainly don’t condone drink and Vespa riding!

I am actually in awe, what can I say … Thank you and Happy 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary to my dear mother and father.

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