Summer Festival Eco Accessories!

Anyone who is familiar with our summer season here in the UK will know that the weather is highly unpredictable. If the sun pokes its cheeky little face out just for a few seconds, we are revealing our winter clad limbs and torsos to all and sundry in the hope to soak up some well needed vitamin D.

Me on my jewellery stall at Glastonbury Festival

Even if the wind is sharp and thunder clouds are on the horizon, we grit our teeth and pretend that summer is here! And certainly in my world, most probably yours, if you’re reading this blog post, nothing shouts ‘Summer has arrived!” louder that the start of the English Festival Season.

Come rain or shine it is party time and as Glastonbury Festival is my first port of call this summer, I’d like to share with you some fab festival eco accessories that I’m definitely going to pack  into my classic caravan before hitting the field.

Vegan Dr Marten Boots

No.1  A Decent Pair of Boots

Now I’ve never been one to wear wellies.  I don’t find them particularly comfortable and when you’re squelching through thick mud at Glastonbury there’s that risk that not only can your wellie eat your sock, but the mud can literally eat your wellie… leaving your barefoot eating mud!

Give me a great pair of lace up boots any day with some thick knee high funky socks.

These classic Dr. Marten’s have not only stood the test of time in terms of style but are made to the highest standards here in Britain AND they’re vegan.

“All you need in life is a good bed and a good pair of boots cos if you’re not in one, you’re in the other!”

I do love this motto a good friend once told me, and I’m inclined to agree with him although a few GREAT accessories can also go a long way…

No.2  Make a Statement

With this Organic Cotton Memento Mori Tank Top by Henrica Langh who designs mortal fashion for the conscious femme fatale… Reminding us all to live everyday as if it’s your last!

There’s no better place to put this into practice than at Glastonbury Festival. I’ve already packed mine!

Henrica Langh Organic Cotton Memento Mori TankTopGypsy Star Hoops in recycled silver - Julia Thompson Jewellery

No.3  Starry, Starry Nights

And I just can’t live without a pair of hoops that I can wear day and night.  I’ve designed and made these exclusively for the festival season, a fun pair of Silver Gypsy Star Hoop Earrings made entirely from recycled silver that will help you party the night away.  Come say ‘Hi’ and purchase a pair directly from my Lost Treasure Silver Workshop and stall in The Green Crafts Village!

No.4  We’ve got your back (pack)!

With this stylish and durable, handmade Inner Tube Rucksack by Katcha Bilek.

Yet another fab conscious female designer maker on the scene, there’s a few of us out there now,  watch out!  Stow away all your festie accessories in this now, and for years to come as it’s never going to break. Plus its vegan and waterproof should it rain (shhhhhh, it’s NOT going to though) so what’s not to love!

Inner Tube Rucksack by Katcha Bilek

And when the sun does come out, cos we all know it will (fingers crossed), you are going to need…

No.5  Peepo!

Some cool luxury vintage shades like these Christian Dior beauties from PeepEyewear.

Peep is new concept store sourcing vintage eyewear from across the globe and bringing pieces back to former glory. With a focus on sustainability, Peep give frames a new lease of life adding in tints and modern sun protection.

I just love these and what Peep do so much so that we’ll be featuring them again very soon in our Summer Lotus Collection Launch Celebration, Stay tuned!


No.6 Hot Pants

From Psychedelicbaglady, need I say more! …apart from the fact that they are all one of a kind pieces fabulously handmade from recycled vintage fabrics down under by Bryony Tullor.

The Summer of LOVE has arrived once more!

psychedelic baglady hotpants

 No.7  On The Beach & in The Field

Soak up that Vitamin D whilst sipping a mojito from a festival bar in this reversible Bikini Top by Woodlike Ocean Eco Swimwear.

I absolutely love this design and am wowed that every item from Woodlike Ocean’s collection is crafted from ocean recovered  fishing nets. Simply amazing!

Wild Fox Bustier Bikini Top by Woodlike Ocean

No. 8  Sun Protection Please

The lobster look has never been cool, you know what to do…

It’s a joy to apply this all natural and organic Wild Rose Moisturing SPF 30 Face Cream from Neal’s Yard. Suitable for all skin types, I can’t recommend this age defying product enough!

No.9  Sparkle Baby Sparkle

An obscene amount of biodegradable glitter folks is a MUST, to add that extra sparkly topping to all the fun fun fun!!!

BioGlitz biodegradable glitter colour samples

Quite aptly named for a jeweller; BioGlitz Diamond Dust is 100% biodegradable and compostable with NO animal testing involved in the development or production. This powerful glitter laughs in the face of its traditional polluting plastic counterpart. You will have never sparkled so brightly before!

BioGlitz Diamond Dust

And Finally at No.10

Revive Feet Cream Make SkincareA bit of personal pampering at the end of the festival day.

Whether that’s at 11pm, or perhaps at 5am in the morning, an all-natural, Lime, Lemon and Lavender Feet Revive Cream handmade in Somerset by Mary Temperly at MAKE Skincare will work wonders on those all night dancing twinkle toes.

They are sure to be revived to their full potential all ready and up for more come the next day!


There are obviously 101 other things you may need to take, this is just a small offering of must haves.

In fact if you’re still hungry, why not check out PeepEyewears’ blog post for even more on what Glastonbury Festival has on offer!

Summer Festival Eco Accessories collage




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