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Fair Luxury - precious metal grain

Flux it up – London’s first Fair Luxury Exhibition

With the recycling of precious metal heirloom jewellery predominant these days (minimising the need for direct mining) and more importantly the demand and availability of Fairtrade Gold and silver on the increase; small scale artisanal mining communities around the world, and the natural environment are getting a fairer deal. If you couple that with traceable fairly…

Peridot & 9ct Ecogold Earring Commission

Peridot Glow- The August Birthstone

August has arrived! And with it comes the fab August birthstone of Peridot.  With it’s brilliant lime green glow, these iron rich gemstones were first discovered and adorned by the Ancient Egyptains 2000BC. Found on a small volcanic island off the Red Sea called Topazios, and recently, to my amazement it’s been discovered in meteorites….